Information Maggie Cullen studied fine art at Exeter. After graduating she spent a year as a fellowship student before moving to London and the Royal College of Art. She attained her MA from the school of Sculpture in 1975. Maggie has since worked as an Art College lecturer. She also became involved with community arts in the East End of London. After moving to live near Matlock she has worked in a number of Derbyshire museums and art galleries.  

maggieweb8.jpgmaggieweb7.jpgmaggieweb6.jpgmaggieweb5.jpgmaggieweb3.jpgmaggieweb2.jpg maggieweb43.jpgmaggieweb11.jpgmaggieweb10.jpg

About the work

Her present figurative work is a personal exploration of the human condition, the transparency of our lives as she reads it through her own experiences. These fragile figures are suspended at eye level for the viewer to gaze upon. They are often recognizable as characters or can be androgynous in nature.


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